***Ideal for service-based businesses who are actively advertising and/or have a list or database of clients, leads, or prospects looking to increase leads, sales and profits ***

Discover How We Consistently Generate New Opportunities and Sales on Demand While Increasing Profits Using The Ultimate Follow Up Machine

Best of all, it works WITHOUT, spending more on advertising, hiring more people, spending hours on the phone, or on social media or doing hundred other things that everyone else is telling you to do.

Watch This Quick Video to See How Our Ultimate Follow Up Machine Strategy Works

Our programs are designed to help businesses boost their potential by streamlining their follow-up process using social media, e-mail marketing, retargeting , personalized follow up and more!

Our team of experts can work with you to setup, implement and run a follow-up system that will help you efficiently manage your leads, increase your closing rate, dominate top of mind and maximize your sales.


Imagine What You Could Accomplish With Machine Like Follow Up…

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get as with this program…

Organized Database

A structure to organize, segment and tag your contacts.

Systemized Follow Up

On-going follow up that runs like a well-tuned machine.

Systemized Follow Up

Systems and processes that create consistent growth.

Become that "Influencer"

Position yourself as an authority and influencer in your industry.

More Hours in Your Day

Get more time so you can do more of what you love.

Predictable Pipeline

Consistent follow up creates predictability.

Personalized Follow Up

Establish “fame” and authority by being everywhere.

Dominate Social Media

Be seen everywhere on social media, both organically and paid.

Increase Ad ROI

Massively increase your profits from your advertising

More Conversations

A system that creates more conversations automatically.

Close More Deals

More referrals, repeat business and increase conversions.

Increased Appointments

Have more people to talk, to create more opportunities.

No More Lost Opportunities

A system that creates more conversations automatically.

Retarget Your Audience

Spend less and make more by targeting your most likely to buy.

Deeper Relationships

Create more referrals and repeat business on purpose.

“The Fortune’s in the Follow Up”

I’m Wesley, the Founder and CEO of LinkU. I’ve spent the last 20 years helping businesses create websites, acquire leads, and market online.

Over the years, I’ve seen too many companies overlook the importance of follow-up in favor of trendy new strategies. This often leads to missed opportunities and lost profits.

To make matters even worse, most people don’t have the time, knowledge, or expertise to implement the automation and systems necessary to follow up with their as consistently or frequently as they’d like to.

This is why I’ve developed a comprehensive system, complete with technology and services, to ensure consistent and effective follow-up for all!

Unlock the power of efficient follow-up with our revolutionary service, with access to a team of expert Follow-Up Assistants and the cutting-edge technology of our The Ultimate Follow-Up Machine platform.



Let’s discuss the opportunity to work together to implement a Follow Up system you’ve always dreamed of and say good-bye to missed opportunities, and hello to increased sales and profits all with less time and effort than you’d ever imagine.


It is our ULTIMATE goal to help you implement a system that helps you follow up consistently with everyone who enters your world, and this guarantee gives you peace of mind while also creating some urgency and leverage for you to finally do it.

We’re so confident in our service we that we guarantee this program will PAY FOR ITSELF within 90 days or less, or we’ll work for FREE until it does! Who else guarantees that?!

If you’re committed to implementing your follow up system, and you need a program can help you do that, then absolutely apply, we’d love to learn more about you and see if we can work together!

*Based on Done for You Program for qualified applicants.

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