Maximize Your Lab, Genomics, and Digital Pathology Data

Transform Clinical Exhaust into Research Ready Data Products



Turn your data silos into valuable, research-ready assets for product development or external commercialization.

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Product Strategy & Roadmapping
  • Business & Financial Planning
  • Marketing Plan & Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Regulatory Strategy & Compliance

Data Infrastructure

  • Manage your Data 
  • Analyze with User Friendly Tools
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Data Security & Privacy

Data Development

  • Data Abstraction and Curation
  • Data Quality Assessment & Readiness
  • Data Extraction and Transformation
  • OCR & NLP for Clinical, Pathology & Oncology Data

Partnership Development

  • Data Monetization
  • Partner Alignment and Introduction
  • Pharma Collaboration Opportunities
  • Intellectual Property Strategy & Management


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Over three decades of combined experience

Hyperdrive Bio specializes in growing informatics and data businesses. Our heritage is built on excellence, consistently transforming dormant clinical and lab data into profitable, high-margin products. 

But our clients benefit from more than just our bespoke strategies and tangible results. We’ve fielded a team whose passion for success parallels your own. From the tiny details to the bottom line, our team delivers a superior experience from start to finish.


Harnessing Real-World Data for Precision Medicine:

Our experts navigate you through every phase of Drug Development and Product Lifecycle, ensuring insightful decisions and seamless progress at each turn.

Our Story

At Hyperdrive, we specialize in turning data into opportunity. Founded by seasoned experts in medical diagnostics, we excel as authorities in Real World Data (RWD) Consulting.

Our approach integrates decades of combined experience with a hands-on strategy, offering end-to-end services from data monetization to strategic planning and product development. We partner with healthcare providers and medical laboratories to unleash the full potential of their data, driving both financial growth and scientific breakthroughs.


Let’s build something great.